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WinCC OA Community Networking in Amsterdam

The WinCC OA User Days were also a great success this year. Around 300 international customers and partners followed our invitation to participate in the 14th WinCC OA User Days in Amsterdam.

The participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest developments of the SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture. Many visitors happily used the many opportunities to meet with experts and other WinCC OA users to discuss current projects and future prospects.

The event was opened by the local host, Freek Marks, Head of Digital Factory at Siemens Netherlands. He presented the successful deployment of SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture on the Dutch market, and insights into the economic development of the Netherlands and on the Industry 4.0 topic.

The ETM Managing Director, Bernhard Reichl, talked about the successful ten years within the Siemens group and long-standing business relations with the Netherlands. Bernhard Staufer, Sales & Marketing Director at ETM presented the newly acquired WinCC OA partners and some recently implemented projects, also covering digitalization and the SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture portfolio for the infrastructure sector.

The Head of the WinCC OA Development, Elisabeth Bakany, presented current SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture developments and gave the audience an insight into the new security developments.

Outlook on the new version of the SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture SCADA system
The new functions of the version of the SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture were the primary focus of the annual expert meeting. Lukas Schopp, Head of WinCC OA Product Management provided visitors with an outlook on new functionalities and add-ons coming in the next months. WinCC OA users can look forward to extensions including JavaScript, a new trends module, and new additional gesture functionalities. The recently released analysis option SmartSCADA will in the future support calculation of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and hierarchical KPIs. The research department is currently working on IoT MindSphere connectors and MQTT clients.

Customized Solutions from WinCC OA Partners
Various WinCC OA partners then presented their implemented WinCC OA projects from the energy, traffic and infrastructure sectors. During the breaks participants had the opportunity to visit the partner expo for information on specific solutions.

Jovial conclusion with Sunshine on the Canals of Amsterdam
After a day full of information and idea sharing, the participants spent the evening in a traditional 17th Century Dutch restaurant after meeting up for a jovial journey across the canals of Amsterdam, accompanied by wine and cheese during which they had the opportunity to cultivate their contacts and meet new WinCC OA users.

Individual Workshop Program on the Second Day
On the second day participants were able to set their own agenda choosing from a comprehensive program item list including several workshops covering “Design Tips”, “Data Analysis in WinCC OA using SmartSCADA” and “Object oriented programming” as well as a sales oriented introduction to WinCC OA for new customers and partners. The “What’s new in WinCC OA” workshop was a great opportunity to meet minds and discuss current and new developments. Another workshop provided an opportunity to meet the ETM Management.

The workshops were complemented by reference presentations. Based on the “Dubai World Port” project, Siemens Cranes presented how WinCC OA, SIMATIC automation and video systems can be reliably used for remote control of large cranes. Cleverdist presented an Industry 4.0 solution for petrochemical terminals. The CBI Amsterdam Metro project was open to viewing in progress. After project presentation the participants explored the city of Amsterdam through the cycle paths, finding out along the way how the new underground line is being built below the city and the river Ij.

The extremely positive feedback from our customers and partners reconfirmed the success of the WinCC OA User Days 2017 in Amsterdam.

We already look forward to the WinCC OA User Days 2018, and will be pleased to welcome you there.

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