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PVSS Users’ Meeting at CERN
ETM and the world famous particle physics laboratory CERN ( recently organised a PVSS Users’ Meeting at CERN on the 5th and 6th April.
A number of ETM Partners presented their experience with PVSS and the applications they have developed using it. Due to the varied and interesting programme there were some 148 participants from 10 countries who attended the meeting. The program covered a range of topics from very detailed technical issues up to reports on high level user-oriented applications.

The highlight of the two day PVSS Users’ Meeting was a visit to two of the new generation of experiments, ATLAS and CMS, which are currently being built to run with CERN’s newest accelerator - the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Using these enormous experiments, which will be supervised by PVSS, CERN expects to increase the understanding of the nature of matter and the forces which bind it. Not only is CERN itself a place of superlatives, but during the meeting it was also reported that:
  • PVSS will be used to control the world’s largest radio telescope,
  • the world’s longest pipeline will be monitored and controlled with PVSS,
  • the world’s five largest cryogenics plants will be supervised using PVSS.
In addition to the conference itself, there was plenty of time available for further exchanges of experience between the participants during the Conference Dinner. The participants agreed that the PVSS Users’ Meeting with the opportunity to visit two of the LHC experiments had been a unique experience.

As a result of the very positive feedback received on the meeting a second PVSS Users’ Meeting will be organised in collaboration with another of ETM’s partners.

Thanks must go to all participants of the PVSS Users’ Meeting who each contributed to the success of this event. Should you be interesting in obtaining more information on the PVSS Users’ Meeting then please feel free contact the ETM Team under: +43 2682-741-148.
All PVSS Users’ Meeting presentations are available on request from ETM.

. Program (PDF)

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